As far as I remember, I have always been drawn to the arts-music composition, graphic design, videography and photography-and began my career playing guitar back in the early ’90s. In early 2000, I discovered the digital world, learned about its fascinating new tools and technology, and gradually ventured into audio engineering for radio, the Internet, and mobile media. Being naturally curious, I got into digital video editing and graphic design, starting out with various corporate events and presentations, which soon led me to full post-production editing, music scoring for television and website design.

My interest in photography, however, developed even earlier. My father, who was a full-time photographer in the ’70s, taught me the rudiments of the profession. I peered through a viewfinder for the first time as a young boy and knew immediately that it was something that I would enjoy doing. Over the years, I continued taking photographs as a hobby, but sometime in 2006, my budding interest took a definitive turn. I started working as assistant to professional photographers who mentored me on lighting styles, concepts, composition and techniques. Observing them at work and studying their styles inspired me to start taking projects on my own. To this day, I continue collaborating with other professionals as I enjoy learning from my peers.

My passion is portraiture and narrative photography-both of which I find challenging. But, of course, I enjoy the challenges of new and varied subjects.

A perfect photograph for me is something that makes my mind go on an excursion. It is an image of someone or something somewhere that triggers all the other senses to read the story behind every detail. Practicing this art and serving many others by the work I do is a very fulfilling experience.

I am very happy to share my experiences with anyone who is interested. Please feel free send your inquiries on my contact page.

– Dan-Gil Palma

I use Nikon, Pentax, Canon and Sony cameras to produce the work you see on this website.