50 Shades of Rose

She’s an illustrator, graphics designer, photographer, dancer, model, skydiver, surfer, tattoo enthusiast, a seasonal singer, and ‘the’ photoshop guru.

I’ve known Rose since 2011, and quite frankly, it’s hard to keep up with what she’s into. Every day, there’s always something new. In rare moments, however, when she’s calm and evidently contemplating on her next adventure, I grab whatever camera I can find and just start shooting. Early on, in one of these rare moments, I realised one thing to be true, cliche as it may sound, when a person is immersed in positive thoughts, that elusive “x-factor” just oozes out, without breaking a sweat. This is a small collection of what I call those “rare looks” including some shots wherein I was asking her to do a certain pose but totally ignores me and just does her own thing. It just turns out WOW… Thank you Rose!