An Abandoned Mansion in Singapore

Hidden inside dense vegetation somewhere between Holland and Tyersall Road, lies an abandoned two-storey mansion once owned by Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor. Istana Woodneuk, as it is widely called, was built in the late 1870s. 

It was reportedly damaged by fire in 1925, rebuilt around 1935 and was named “Istana Wooden York”. 

During World War II it was used as a military hospital and on the 12th of September 1942, Japanese planes bombarded the entire area and killed approximately 700 medics and patients. The mansion was returned to the Istana of Johor in 1948 and was rebuilt again in 1951. 

From what I’ve gathered it wasn’t until 2004 when it was completely unkept. A devastating fire in 2006 caused its blue roof tiles to cave in leaving it beyond repair and structurally unsafe.

Now, no wall standing is left ungraffitied. Tragic for a place so steeped in history but it is what it is… don’t leave your mansion

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