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A perfect photograph for me is something that makes my mind go on an excursion – triggering all the senses to read the story behind every detail.

A creative at heart, I began my career as a guitarist in a jazz band in the early 90s before moving on to do digital audio engineering, post-production and music scoring.

It was not long before I returned to my first passion, photography. An interest fostered by my father, an avid film photographer (and still won’t shoot digital). I could never forget the first time I peered into a viewfinder and knew with great certainty, this was something I would love dearly.

In 2006, I decided to take my photography a step further and began working under professionals who imparted knowledge on lighting, composition and various shooting techniques. The opportunity to observe them at work and understand their artistic approach inspired me to strike out on my own.

Since 2011, I have specialised in creating imagery and content for e-commerce. I have worked with brands from stat-ups to globally recognised companies, each with its own unique branding.

Photography for me, is a never-ending study. Every chance I get, I go out and take more photos to explore different genres outside of my work.

I’d love to hear from you and to share my experiences behind the lens. Please feel free to reach out on my Instagram, Facebook page or email me.


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